Why a Bilingual Notary is Important

Why a Bilingual Notary is Important


walking into a dentist office on Mars (yes, we are pretending there is life on Mars and you can go there) and you have the worst cavity of your life.  The Martian does not speak English, but she understands your problem.  She begins to work and half way through, you see her face look very concerned.  She explains to you what the problem is, however, you don’t speak Martian and you have no idea what she is telling you.  Concerned?  Oh, yes!

This is what it is like when someone is purchasing a home or refinancing, the largest purchase of their life, and they don’t speak the language of their notary. They might understand some or most of what is said, however, there is always a nagging feeling that maybe something important was missed or misunderstood.

Lenders, Realtors, Escrow Officers and notaries provide  services to the community.  We live in a multicultural country, and it makes sense to have bi, tri, or quad-lingual notaries you can reach out to.  It provides one more level of service that makes you be the hero of transaction.

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