“Rach’s” Corner

"Rach's" Corner

Change your mind and change your life.

To have successful and fulfilling relationships and businesses we need our inner world to also be a comfy cozy place, just as much as our outer world.
If you want to see the power of a person beliefs, just look at their life.

That’s where Rach can help.

Rachael is a licensed life, marriage family therapist and empowerment coach. She has specific experience and training in anxiety, eating disorders, business consulting, trauma, and all things relationships; such as the power of owning your story, communication skills, understanding how to set boundaries, improving the ways we respond to conflict and anger, and teaching powerful self care skills.

And while all of the above can help improve our personal relationships, these skills and insight shifts can also have a huge impact on our professional relationships and the way we show up in our businesses in general.

That’s why Signature Signings is excited to have Rachael available to teach about valuable mental health tips and topics on our weekly zoom call for all our members! Signature Signings knows the power and importance of mindset and taking the best care of your mental, emotional, and relational health. And we want to be a vital part in supporting our members in all ways.

You can contact Rachael:
phone: 916.538.1305
email: therapywithrach@gmail.com
instagram: @therapy.with.rach
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100069455452145
website: www.therapywithrach.com (Coming soon)

You can also catch Rachael every Tuesday at 9 am on Signature Signing’s weekly Zoom calls!

Here are some of Rachael’s favorite morning meditations to start your day right!