Thank you for being a “SIGNATURE SIGNER”. Remember our mission…

“To be the nation’s largest provider of quality, independent, mobile notary & Loan Signing Agents to the general public, legal and mortgage industries.”

We can’t do this without YOU!! Which is why Signature Signings wants to be your partner.

Imagine a notary world without low ball signing fees from signing services, getting paid within days or weeks instead of months and receiving compensation for referring business to other notaries. 


Imagine being the owner of your own signing service but not having any overhead, office space, employees, or having to deal with unprofessional or incompetent notary’s, invoicing, bill paymentsconstant emails and phone calls from clients and signing agents.

Unheard of…RIGHT?

Signature Signings wants to change the way signing services work and put the power back into the hands of the notary. By being the liaison for creating and sharing quality paying opportunities with all members of our notary community, notaries can take the power away from the signing services and put it back into the hands of the notaries.

We plan to do this by creating an educated community of mobile and remote Notary and Loan Signing Agents and showing them how to create direct business for themselves and then training them to refer Signature Signings network of notaries to their direct clients when they can’t perform the signing.

In return, Signature Signings will pass all the signings that the notary can’t perform from their direct clients and offer them to the other members of Signature Signings notary network. Signature Signings will pay the referring notary a referral fee of up to $20 for every order when the notary’s clients use Signature Signings as their preferred signing service. We will guarantee a minimum fee of $100 for all buyer, seller and refi signings to the Signature Signings notary partner that performs the signing that the other member couldn’t perform.

For example… 

You have an escrow officer client in Sacramento, CA that you work very closely with. Your client has a signing opportunity but it’s in Florida. You obviously can’t do it since it’s not in your locale, but you tell your client to use “YOUR” signing service, run by Signature Signings and Signature Signings finds a vetted and qualified signing agent in the Signature Signings Network of Notaries to handle your clients closing. You get $20 for every order your direct client runs through us and you and your client are assured that the signing is being handled by a well-qualified signing agent. The more qualified notaries in the network, the more opportunity for signings for ALL OF US!

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