Aspiring Notary Signing Agent

Dear Aspiring Notary Signing Agent,

Congratulations on making the decision to become a Notary Signing Agent.

This amazing opportunity isn’t an easy or short road, but it is an extremely rewarding opportunity once you possess your certification, and Signature Signings is excited to be an integral part of your success.

Getting your Notary and Signing Agent certification differs for each state, depending on your geographic location.

In my experience, the National Notary Association has proven to be the best option for getting your notary certification. However, it shouldn’t be your only resource.  Some states only require a simple application and fee to get your notary commission, while others require you to take a training course and then a state-proctored test afterward, in addition to getting background screened and much more. Therefore, it’s important to determine your state’s qualifications before making any decisions.

Your first step before paying any money for any notary training course should be to go to your state’s Secretary of State office website to find out precisely your state’s qualifications.

After you do your due diligence, I recommend only purchasing the necessary course, if needed, through the National Notary Association at

I would not recommend paying for any additional supplies (stamps, journals, acknowledgment, and jurat forms), E&O insurance, or bonds from their site as you can most likely find some of these resources for free once you create your account at or at your local commercial insurance company or online at However, if this is your first notary commission. I did find their Hotline Subscription to be an invaluable resource when I needed an answer at a moment’s notice during several signings when things didn’t quite go as anticipated.

In addition to your notary commission, you will also need to invest in purchasing a quality laser printer w/ dual tray and scanner when you are ready to start doing signings. DO NOT buy an inkjet printer!!! In my experience, Brother or HP products have proven to be the best, but again, do your due diligence and find what product will best fit your needs given your financial situation.

As my gift to you I have given you a small checklist of things you need to accomplish before you decide to start doing any marketing or establishing any type of branding, email, telephone, or website, as Signature Signings has already created all those resources for you. Making this a turnkey business as soon as you’re ready to start your journey as a Notary Signing Agent.

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I wish you well on your journey and am happy to be a part of your success!!!

Mike Rudkosky
Founder & President of Signature Signings
Nationwide Mobile Notary & Loan Signing Service